2017-2018 CHH Workshops

Felting Workshop
Barbara Attwell
May 6 – 7
9am – 4pm, with a lunch break

Professional artist Barbara Attwell will lead a wet felting workshop that both introduces and reviews the basics of the process, along with advanced techniques such as complex resists for 3D felting, creating textures, making and attaching shapes, using prefelts, and making cording and balls. A comfort level with fiber or felting is encouraged. Cost for the workshop is $225, plus a materials fee.

Workshop includes a Wall Hanging and a 3D Vessel. We will learn layout, various rolling techniques, the use of silk, bamboo, and stash to add texture, and resists to create pockets, the use of prefelts and Shibori,  seamless felting, simple and multiple resists to create cavities, complex resists to add more shapes, and to make and attach ropes, stems, and balls.

Questions? Email Barbara Attwell  battwella@gmail.com

Tuition $225 & $30 Supply fee if needed. Send deposit of $100 to Yvonne Wilson, 111 Crown Point Ct., Magnolia, TX 77354281-744-2211,ywilson1005@gmail.com




Three-day workshop for CHH (9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
September 22-24, 2017
Guild House

Using dyes from France and silk cloth from the far East, participants will explore different techniques to achieve color, texture, and pattern. Salt and alcohol will be used to experiment with free-form, abstract color mixes and water-based ‘serti’ resists will be used to implement realistic images. Additional techniques, including wet-on-wet, line building, blending and shading and treatment of the silk to reduce the flow of the dye will be demonstrated. Students will also learn how to incorporate wax techniques into silk paintings. Brushes, tjantings, and stencils will be used to apply soy and beeswax to the silks.
Methods for preparing and stretching silk for painting and the steam-setting process for fixing the dyes will be demonstrated. Participants will create multiple pieces using the various techniques.
Most materials will be provided; a supply list will be provided upon enrollment. No previous dyeing experience is necessary.
Class size – Minimum 8 students; Maximum 14 students
Instructor fees: $325 per student, includes all supplies and materials for use in the workshop.
Total cost for the workshop will be $365.00 Deposit for the workshop will be 182.50  Due by August 7, 2017
Please remember to get your deposit in for this workshop by August 7th, so Nadia will have time to order the silks and other supplies

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CHH workshops are planned approximately one year in advance of each workshop. We work to provide stimulating and fun workshops that also provide value to our membership.

Workshop Fee Information
*Note: CHH workshop deposits are forfeited (non-refundable) unless there is someone to take your place in the workshop. But it’s sooo much more fun when you can attend :o)

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