Ashford Traveler Wheel for Sale

Ashford Traveler Spinning Wheel for Sale
Ashford spinning wheel, well-loved for many years but in good shape.   This is single-drive and single-treadle.  The Traveler is a compact wheel that is easy to transport in a car and features a built-in lazy kate.  I’ll include a WooLee winder flyer, a clever device which automatically winds the yarn evenly onto the bobbin as you spin so you don’t have to stop to move the yarn onto a new hook.  There is an extra bobbin for this flyer, as well as the original flyer and 4 bobbins with the standard hooks, all hand-finished in cherry.  I’ve spun a lot of yarn on this lovely wheel; it’s just time for me to downsize and for this to go to a new home!
$550 with local pickup (Note: cute cat not included!)