Coutermarche 60″ Cranbrook Loom

Nov 7, 2022 | Classifieds

Coutermarche 60″ Cranbrook Loom For Sale


This vintage 1960’s 4 harness, 6 treadle, 60”, wood pegged Cranbrook Weaving Loom, was made by J.P. Bexell & Son in Michigan. Purchased while getting a Masters in Fiber from Cranbrook. 

Loom comes with a bench, a shelf, warping wheel, and a spool frame (with paper spools). It’s been in storage for years and is not assembled. Served my mother well for many years. I used to play under/inside it while she worked.

New versions sell for between $9-10K without the bench or shelf. The 70’s one is pictured in color sold used for $5,500 on Etsy with fewer pieces. This photo is not of our loom… Ours from the 1960’s so is mostly pegged. So better in my opinion! Contact us to talk about an offer!

Pick up from Austin or can ship… Shipping cost would need to be added to the final price.

Contact Sabina Daly at

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