Do you want to….

Join the guild:

The membership form is available on the website. Submit the form online, mail the form to the address provided in the form or bring it to the next meeting. Feel free to come to one of our meetings as our guest to see if the guild is right for you.

Attend our Spring or Fall Sale:

CHH Guild Members offer unique items at our sales. All items are made by guild members – many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized artists and teachers. For this year’s information, go to our Sale page.

Take a class:

  • CHH Guild House Classes are listed on the Classes page.
  • CHH Workshops  are listed  on the Workshops page.

Buy or sell equipment (or anything else guild-related):

Online – CHH Website: CHH Classified Ads on the main web site are available at no cost [free!] to CHH Members and others advertising materials that the webmaster deems to be in keeping with the CHH mission. Email with full information as you want it to appear and subject line “CHH Classified Ad.” CHH makes no guarantees about the content of the ads.

Online – Other than CHH:There is a website that reaches a much wider audience that may be very helpful to you if you are selling equipment. They are:

Newsletter Classifieds:To reach all CHH members, you may want to advertise in the CHH newsletter. Contemporary Handweavers of Houston’s CHHit CHHat Newsletter is published monthly, August through June, and is sent to all paid members. DEADLINE for stories and advertising is the 3rd Thursday of the month for subsequent month’s issue.

Newsletter Advertising Rates:

  • Flat rate of $10.00 for one photo and 100 words.
    Discount rate of 20% applies to advertisers who pay for one year in advance (10 issues, same ad).
    (New rates as of 4/21/18)

Find the meeting location:

The Contemporary Handweavers of Houston meet in the months of August through June. Meetings are usually held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 10 am at Guild House but check the website for changes to that schedule.

Request a speaker:

CHH is an all-volunteer organization. We strive to find a member to speak or demonstrate spinning or weaving and related crafts on request. We are not able to fulfill all requests but we do seek volunteers for each one.

  1. Send an email to
  2. Put “Volunteer Needed” in Subject Line
  3. Include your request:
    • name of your group
    • age group of audience (grade level, adult, etc.)
    • type of speaker/demonstrator wanted
    • date/time/duration
    • location of presentation (address and area of town)
    • goal of presentation (Colonial Days, Re-enactment, etc)
  4. Give as much lead time as possible.
  5. Your request is distributed:
    • Volunteer coordinator
    • Announced at Monthly Meeting
    • CHH newsletter
    • CHH Member website
  6. You will be notified by the Volunteer Coordinator or the Volunteer presenter if we are able to find a volunteer.

Listed below are some field trip possibilities for you to consider if you want to expose your group to weaving and related crafts:

We have a long history of demonstrating at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year, but they were unable to accommodate us in 2014. We loved demonstrating for the large crowds.

Since 2015, CHH has given hands-on weaving demonstrations at the Houston Maker Faire. We are Makers!

The George Ranch located in Richmond TX (not far from Sugar Land) offers educational field trips.

Another good location is the Liendo Plantation. Built in 1853, it offers a wealth of history lessons to visitors. Spinning and weaving and related crafts are demonstrated during their Civil War Weekend. For more information on the Civil War Weekend, see the Liendo site and the Texas Cavalry site.

The Contemporary Handweavers of Houston also has weaving and spinning demonstrations during the annual sale. Be aware that these demonstrations are just in the lobby of the sale, not intended as full-scale demonstrations for large or young groups. Please contact us in advance if you wish to bring a group as our accommodations for the sale may vary from year to year.

Check out a book from the library:

All CHH members in good standing may use the library. The loan period is one month from meeting to meeting. Please contact the librarian to have a particular book brought to the meeting or to visit the library. The library is located at the Guild House. View the Library Catalog to select your books. If you have recommendations for the librarian, be sure to share them.

Buy from Amazon:

CHH is an Amazon affiliate and we get a small percentage of each purchase from Smile Amazon that originates from our website. This revenue supports our costs of web hosting and is much needed. So if you usually buy from Amazon, feel free to take one of the many links from our web site including this one to Amazon.