Free Loom for Donation to CHH

This loom has found a new home!!!

Gilmore 4-harness loom with benchfree with donation to CHH

This beautiful 4-harness, 24-in. wide, hard maple loom (originally purchased in the 1970s) was given to a non-weaver who is seeking a new home for the loom where it will continue to be used and enjoyed. Its previous owner used it for  many years to make everything from rugs to table linens. The loom is in great condition, has always lived indoors, and comes with a variety of reeds, shuttles, and other accessories. The loom is free because it was given to me, but I’m asking the recipient to make a donation to CHH in return. Please email for inquiries or more information.

This loom came from the studio of Kate Weinheimer, a Life Member of CHH.  So the loom has plenty of experience and is used to being “worked hard and put up wet.” Kate is currently living in the Houston area with family.