The Library at Guild House

The CHH Library is now in its new home at Guild House. If you have library books to return please bring to the meeting. You can review the library catalog on our Library Thing page.

  • Books are now listed on Library Thing.
  • Includes approximately 900 books, periodicals, swatch books, slide collections and video tapes.
  • Available to local CHH members in good standing.
  • Circulating items are loaned for one month, from meeting to meeting. All books are due at the May meeting.
  • Contact the librarian to have a particular book brought to the next meeting, or to visit the library.
  • If you do not find the book you need, check with the librarian. This listing may not always be complete. The edition listed here may be different than the edition in the guild library.
  • To buy books using Amazon use this link or the Amazon link from other CHH pages for the guild to get a percentage. If you order from Amazon using the Library Thing link, Library Thing will get the percentage rather than our guild.

Library Catalog:

Go NOW to the most current library listing at our Library Thing Weavehouston Website. To sort just click on the column title – Click on Tags to sort by subject category, on Title to sort by book title, etc.