Next Steps for Harvey Victims

by | Sep 3, 2017

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In the comment box below, begin your note with either “Need Help!” or “Can I Help?” to make it easier to sift through the messages.

If you need help, tell us in about 50 words what happened at your home, what you’ve lost and what help you need.  Include the general area where you live, the address and phone number.  Remember this is a members-only post so your information is only visible to members.

If you can offer help, tell us what you can do – free yarn, free equipment, loan of equipment, heavy labor to help clean, light labor to help reorganize, shelter, laundry service, clothes, personal items, meal sharing, transportation, babysitting, pet sitting,  personal shopping assistant, tea and empathy.   Try to be specific.  You may have other ideas about what you have to offer that would make flood victims’ heart sing.  Include the area where you live, if you can deliver what you’re offering, how far you are willing to drive.  Include your contact information, email or phone number.

This isn’t about your getting rid of what you don’t want, it is about sharing what you have with someone who has experienced a sad loss.  Once specific needs have been met, let me know so the request for help  can be deleted and avoid further inquiries.  The same for the helpers, when you are no longer able to provide the help you listed, let me know and I’ll delete the offer of help.

As you know, the Guild House is pretty full and we have meetings and workshops planned so storage there would be extremely difficult.  We envision this being a person to person transfer as much as possible.

Weavers helping weavers.  We have had a Florida guild offer help as well as a guild in Louisiana.  This post is an attempt to match needs with help – no guarantees – we’re just facilitating the communication.