“Wholly” Lace

Are you ready for a fun with no stress learning activity to start the New Year?

CHH members are invited to participate in Swatch Swap 2017. The swappers voted on 2017’s topic to be “Wholly” Lace. The cost to join the swap remains $7, and CHH members can sign up at any meeting or by contacting the coordinator, Marian Carlson. We will do our exchange Sunday, April 9th, 1:00 PM at the Guild House. It is not too late to pick a project and weave. Drafts will be due March 25th.

For more information see the Swatch Swap page here.


  1. I’m in! Now to select a pattern and weave. But first, Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

    • One of the good things about these swatch swaps for me is that they force me to try something that a)I haven’t tried before or b)I don’t really like. Teach yourself to make lace designing your very own–join us!

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