Art Institute Students

For the 4th semester students from the Art Institute of Houston’s Applied Textile class came to the Guild House. The students are mostly Fashion Design majors but some are also Fashion Merchandising majors. This class is a required class for their degree. It is considered an advanced class. The Art Institute does not have looms so the students do not get a chance to see how fabric is made on a loom. Tracy brought clothing from her collection made from handwoven fabric to demonstrate how as a designer of cloth you get to make it just how you want it. Connie demonstrated spinning, the students were enthralled. We also demonstrated weaving on a floor loom and a few of the students tried their hand throwing the shuttle.

Art Institute Students

Students gather around a new book from our library, Art to Wear.

Tracy Kaestner

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  1. Great! They really need to know something about making cloth. There are so many “cheaply made” fabrics on the market now that it’s nice to see the sumptuous and high tech options that are being created by textile artists. It’ll round out their education! Gerry

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