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  • Kessenich 8 Harness Loom for Sale May 25, 2018

    36” weaving width, solid oak 8 harness, 10 treadle, X frame, Jack Loom for sale. The tie-up for the front hinged treadles has been converted to Texsolve. Approximately 1100 heddles. Front and back beam cloth aprons. Two removable side shelves.

    Loom comes with 13 repair heddles, 2 lease sticks, and 8 dent reed. Loom can be folded to fit thru most doorways. Heavy enough to weave rugs, but I routinely wove finer fabrics. I have owned the loom for 30 years and am the second owner. Loom must be picked up in Missouri City, TX. $1400. Contact me at for more information.


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  • Cherry Loom for Sale April 17, 2018

    45” weaving width and 8 shaft—not 4 now 4 later—10 treadle. ~1224 inserted eye heddles. 3 stainless steel reeds, no rust: 6, 10, 15 dent. Comes with matching bench with bench bag, raddle (Schacht maple), 4 hole cherry Purrington angel wings, and 2 lease sticks (Schacht maple). Year made 2000. 3rd owner as far as I know. Smoke free home. Pick up preferred: Johnson City, TX—Austin/San Antonio area. $2750

    Reason selling: bought countermarche loom and can’t keep both.

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  • Fireside Loom for Sale April 9, 2018

    Gorgeous cherry Fireside loom for sale. Hand-carved cherry blossoms, 12 shaft, 14 treadle, 48” weaving width loom with original sliding bench and 3 reeds. Excellent condition and all packed up for easy moving.

    Pick-up in San Antonio. $7,500

    Text 210-467-8027 between 9 & 9, CDT.

    Lisa Charbonnet

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  • Schacht Loom & Warping Board for sale February 17, 2018



    4-shafts, 6 treadles, 45” weaving width, overall width 53”, depth open 38”,

    depth folded 26”. Comes with 2 reeds (10 dent & 12 dent) and raddle.

    Asking $1,500 for loom, reeds and raddle. Model for sale no longer

    in production: current Schacht model (4 now 4 later) lists for $3,824,

    reeds $147 each and raddle $146.

    Call Pat Lewis, 713-376-4969 or email

    SCHACHT 14-yard WARPING BOARD for sale in Houston

    Like new condition, asking $60; lists for $135 if new.

    Call Pat Lewis, 713-376-4969 or email

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  • Large Loom for Sale – price reduced January 23, 2018

    Schacht Cranbrook loom for sale.
    72” Cranbrook for sale in San Antonio, .Texas.
    As new condition!
    If interested, we can talk about transporting it.

    72” Cranbrook Countermarche Loom 8S $ 10,988.00
    Cranbrook Bench for 72” Loom 564.00
    72” Sectional Beam 601.00
    72” Suspended Tool Shelf 271.00
    72” Beater Weight 151.00
    Twelve Treadles with 8S Loom 199.00
    Sliding Threading Bench 190.00
    72” 12-dent Reed N/C
    72” 10-dent Reed 380.00
    64” 15-dent Reed 205.00
    1500 Extra Texsolv Heddles 375.00
    Total if new: $ 13,924.00

    Was asking $ 9,500.00

    Price reduced to $ 7,500.00

    Deborah Harrison

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  • Table Loom and More for Sale December 18, 2017
    I have a 20” weaving width, 4 shaft Schacht table loom with 6 dent reed for sale. Priced at $400, if new it would cost $836.00.  Pick up in Houston.
    Call Donna Durbin: 832-366-6918
    Also, I have a variety of linen and pearl cotton. In 15 gal. Plastic container. All for $75. They would be suitable for Jette’s class.
    Navajo weaving forks, exotic wood  11” x 2.5 “  Price: $12.00. If New:$25
    9” x 1.75” Weaving fork. Price: $8.  New:$18
    Pick up in Houston. Call Donna Durbin: 832-366-6918
     2 -11.25” Leclerc Boat shuttles, Maple, closed bottom with bobbins. Price: $20.ea. If New:$39 ea.
    14” Bluster Bay, 2 Quill Boat Shuttle Cherry wood.  Price:$25. New:$52.25
    Pick up in Houston. Call Donna Durbin: 832-366-6918
    12- 4” Leclerc Styrene Shuttle Bobbins with cotton and novelty yarn. $10
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