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  • Donated Items for Sale June 27, 2022
    CHH recently received a nice donation. Stop by the Guild House to purchase or email Guild House is open Thursday – Saturday 10-3. 


    Canadian Production Wheel
    $200, in working order
    Early 1900’s with a buttermilk paint finish. She is fast!
    LeClerc Spool Rack
    $125 like new condition, compact size
    Homemade Inkle loom
    $35, Floor Model, needs a few wing nuts
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  • Louet Jane 70 – Price reduced! March 30, 2022

    Purchased in fall 2017 to use for workshops.  Now I need to downsize a bit and am letting her go.  This model is 70 cm / 27.5″ wide and has 8 shafts.  The loom comes with three stainless steel reeds (8, 10, & 12), the Louet stand, pulley guards from Lofty Fiber, 200 extra heddles (each shaft has ~125 now), lease sticks, and warping sticks.  This package would retail for $2260.

    Your price is now $1500. 

    Pickup only at my studio in Angleton.  Email with questions, or if you need more photos.

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  • Spinning Wheels for Sale March 15, 2022
    I am Jay Sigel and I live in Pearland. I’m a retired ER physician who has done woodworking for over 40 years. My hobby is building quality early American furniture including spinning wheels. (I have been selling them on Etsy, but shipping costs have made any sales fairly rare.) I have 4 colonial-type spinning wheels and one upright currently in stock, ready for your approval. I’m for real! You can call me. Let me know if you’d like a demonstration. The listed prices are less than their sale prices on Etsy.
    These take 2-3 months to build. I sell them for the cost of materials and to help pay for the equipment to build them. As I enjoy making them, I need to sell them or I’ll run out of space! This is not a business and I don’t need the income from selling them. The cost of the spinning wheels is therefore much less than retail and is determined by the design type (uprights cost less) and the type of wood used. (I also make repair parts for spinning wheels for just the cost of materials. My labor is always free.)
    Colonial spinning wheel prices: $612 for sapele (mahogany), $675 for walnut, $765 for granadillo.
    Upright spinning wheel prices: $522 for oak, $585 for hard maple (under construction).
    Better than buying one online, you can come over and see them and operate them before you decide to buy any, so there’s no shipping cost. These are full size spinning wheels with the identical wheel ratios regardless of the type. The uprights are easier to transport, have all brass bearings, no leather and no wood-on-wood moving parts. They all come with 4 bobbins.
    You can contact me Cell phone is 432-202-4642.
    Thank you,
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  • Louet Spring Loom for Sale January 31, 2022
  • Purrington Loom for Sale November 3, 2021

    Glimakra Adjustable Weaving Bench  $150. Solid maple, 39” width, height adjustable from 19 – 27.5”. Lightweight & easy to adjust height quickly. Great condition with a few minor scuffs on finish. (new $290).



    Purrington 8 harness table loom: $900. Flat metal heddles. 7 stainless steel reeds: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 dent. Excellent condition.



    Schacht Warping Board $100:  14 yard, like new condition.



    Swedish Weaving Temples – All excellent condition & very sharp

    9 7/8 – 12 5/8: $25

    31 1/2 –  51 1/2: $45

    27 5/8 – 44 1/2: $40


    For more information & pictures or to schedule a time to view an item, please email Lisa at 10% of sales will be donated to CHH.


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