Art Institute Students Visit the Guild House

by | Dec 4, 2013

Guest Post by D’Anne Craft and Deedee Woodbury

imageIt is very exciting that the Guild is being found via our website. Fashion Design students from the Art Institute are learning more about how textiles are made at the Guild House. One student remarked that their professor had used the same terms as Tracy to describe the basics of fabric construction. Warp, Weft, Twills, etc. The class eagerly went to work on cardboard looms, some getting their first taste of weaving. D’Anne demonstrated weaving on the rigid heddle loom and Diane showed them how a floor loom works.

image image

Tracy showed the students her own handwoven garment collection. The students were inspired to see how fabric is designed, woven and then sewn into wearable art.

image image

This was the second time the Art Institute class has visited the Guild House.

Follow up: here are some of the items woven on the cardboard looms by the students.