August Meeting No Dog!

Those lucky folks at the August meeting were entertained and enlightened by the program, Dogs on the Loom. Connie and Julie were joined by a panel of D’Anne, Tracy and Diane to give solutions of what to do about dogs both on and off the loom. Some dogs and their solutions were shown. It is perversely satisfying to know that even some of our most accomplished weavers deal with problems relating to difficult warps, loom mechanics, repellent color choices, cloth hand, weavers block, creative block and other weaverly plagues. Many solutions such as overdying, repurposing, or even just finder an owner who WILL love it are just a few of the solution to the dogs.

Some of the hints for overcoming Weavers Block (when you are having trouble just getting yourself to go to the loom):

  • Time yourself
  • Reward yourself
  • Use a Buddy System (have someone call you and encourage you)
  • Make a ritual surrounding yourself with your favorite shuttle, background music, etc.
  • Give yourself breaks
  • Get someone else involved who will be more enthusiastic
  • Give yourself permission to cut off the warp if you have another project ready to put on the loom.

For Creative Block, when you don’t have a bright idea for a new project:

  • Look at pictures
  • Search online for a weave structure
  • Play with your stash
  • Go shopping, look at all the inspiration around you
  • Garden for a while
  • Step out of your comfort zone with color or structure
  • Use a particular weave structure as an accent or design element

What a great way to start our new guild year! I see a promising season ahead. Speaking of which, don’t forget the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Sale, September 15 – 17 at Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts! Download your Invitation!