Cat Toys Rule!

by | Oct 18, 2019

CHH Sale is Open Today and Saturday

“When we arrived home from the annual sale we placed our new artwork on the mantle. The cat and dog were play-fighting exuberantly and we decided to entertain them by revealing the new gift we bought them at the sale but it wasn’t packed in the bag with our art. Marko went back to the car to check floor boards to see if it had fallen out out- it hadn’t. We were royally bummed and were discussing when we could go back to get another tomorrow, when Marko noticed that what the animals were fighting over was the new cat toy! Somehow in the 30 seconds between us turning around to place the art, the cat stole the toy from the paper bag  and has now been going berserk for about 15 minutes. Thought you’d like to know that the secret ingredient received rave reviews at our house!”
Completely unsolicited endorsement from our four legged friends…

Friday and Saturday, October 18 & 19 (10 – 5 pm)

2327 Commerce, #106, Houston, Texas 77002