Clutter Fairy


What do these 3 items have in common?


All are craft organization solutions offered by Gayle Goddard, The Clutter Fairy at the November meeting. My favorite, the Trofast drawers. [My experience, they are also great in the garage!] The Billy bookshelves can hold our books and our stashes or with the suggested pegboard in back of the shelfs, can hold cones of yarn with easy access to each one [may I admit here to having 12 or more Billy’s?]. The Stacking Bins open on the side so are perfect for stacking (without having to unstack to reach the items inside.)

Her talk included the many excuses, uh, reasons, we crafters MUST keep the items we keep, and some great principles for how we store our craft needs. Categorizing your studio needs into main supplies, embellishments, tools, and reference material allows you to allocate space intelligently. Keep the things you need to access constantly close at hand. Those you “refer” to can be further away. Great hints and a good meeting.