February Fiber Study Group Meeting

PRESENTER: Ginny Eckley

It’s time to clean out your studios everyone! We have a wonderful new 501c3 organization we want to support big time. Check out their website www.creativityshell.org. Here is a quote from the site: Through sponsorships, fundraising and donations, we are bringing creative trades such as sewing, woodworking and other crafts back into local schools to inspire children as we teach them these (soon to be) forgotten trades. Their wish list Is posted on their website.

Young Sewer

They need most everything so you needn’t be too discriminating! Bring it all to the meeting WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH If you can’t make it to the meeting you can contact Ginny Eckley arthread@embarqmail.com or Linda Thompson creativecouture@att.net to pick up your items for you. Ginny Eckley will be making a visual presentation about the group at our meeting and taking all donated items back to CreativityShell. See you then, oh, and don’t forget to bring some SHOW AND TELL!

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  1. What a great way to de-clutter your creative space and get a tax deduction for 2016! Remember, donations to Creativity Shell cannot be dropped off prior to or after this Wednesday study group meeting. The Guild House just doesn’t have storage space!

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