1. Saturday meeting time was great for me! I can see an opportunity for working folks, parents of small ones, those who can’t stay awake and students. Hanging out and having lunch after was great (AND buying yarn!). See you all next month.

  2. I love the Saturday meeting followed by casual chatting and learning. I’ll remember to bring a sandwich next time!

  3. The Fort Worth Weavers Guild used to have Wednesday morning meetings………when we changed, years ago, to Saturday mornings, our membership doubled and gained new, fresh, exciting ideas and programs from the younger, job holding weavers. Such a good decision!!

  4. The Saturday meeting was well attended. 60 plus people in attendance. 10 -12 were attending a meeting for the first time. I heard from many members how short and smooth their travel time to the GH was. A major plus! I had about a dozen members stay to learn more about our library. Tracy trained a new batch of GH sitters! The gallery received new inventory. The energy was incredible.

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