For Sale: 40″ 8 Harness/Shaft Gilmore Floor Loom

Gilmore loom for hand weaving in excellent condition. Custom made in 1962 for Clara Janeba. Clara wove linens for the White House. It’s designed with 12 treadles for complex weaves, sectional warp beam, 5 Reeds: 8,12,15,16 20 Gilmore Bench, many steel heddles for fine cloth, lease sticks, extra tie cords, and accessories. It is a fabulous loom. I’ve had it since 1985. I’m moving to Thailand and it needs a new home. Valued at $3500, selling for $2500. Pick Up in Houston Heights. Call Donna Durbin 713-880-3005. email: [email protected] Information Flyer with Photos (PDF File)