Guild Library at Guild House

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a team to move a library. Everything was perfect for the library move this past Saturday: beautiful weather, great transportation and lots of hand trucks. Many thanks to all the folks who helped with the move.

Barbara Bartholmew
Marita Burns and Tommy Hallgren20121118-195410.jpg
D’Anne Craft
Blaine Davis
Diane Ferguson
Tracy Kaestner
Julie and Kjell Karlsson
Charlene Kolb
Anita Kunkel
Clarice Shanks
Alecia Willis
Dee Dee Woodbury



We were packed up in about an hour and made it to the Guild House by noon. The unpacking took a little longer, but thanks to Blaine Davis and his trusty tools, we had solid new shelves to house the collection.

See more about the Guild Library move on the Sooner or Later blog.

Can’t wait to get it running!

Gina Stemmer
Guild Librarian