Handcraft Market – Epiphany Spring Fair in Pearland

Lee Steiner, the book and paper artist from the Houston Book Arts Group who did the papermaking demo at our meeting recently sent this notice:

I organize the annual Handcraft Market for the Epiphany Spring Fair here in Pearland. My co-chair, Mannie, and I believe in supporting true artisans and therefore our show only allows vendors who actually MAKE 90% of what they sell! No home-based products or imported knock-off designer goods.

Please consider joining us on Sat. April 24th for a real handcrafted market! To emphasize the difference between our show and other ‘craft’ shows, we are willing to reduce the booth fee from $40 to only $25 if you will do any kind of on-site demo of your craft. Call or email me with any questions you may have! Lee Steiner cell- 281-384-0661 or [email protected]