January 15 – Guild Meeting – Note Location

by | Jan 11, 2015

Just the Facts:

    Jan 15, 2015 6:30 p.m.
    Diane Totten: Commenting on Crimp Cloth
    Location: 2315 Commerce Houston, TX 77002 (where the CHH sale was held)
    Meeting Refreshments – Last names K&L

Special Directions—January Meeting:

The meeting will be held at 2315 Commerce, where the CHH sale was held. There is a driveway between the two buildings, leading to the parking lot. As you look at the building, enter the door on the right. The meeting will be in the first room on the right. The parking lot is well lit. See map below.

January Meeting Program: Diane Totted Commenting on Crimp Cloth:

image Dianne’s extensive exploration of a variation of handwoven shibori has opened up a whole new weaving world of possibilities. She calls the resulting fabric crimp cloth. With polyester being a key component of the technique, hear about the use of polyester vs. cotton and the sustainability of the fibers that account for more than 8O% of all fiber production worldwide. Through visual presentation, view the garments that flatter your figure, the shawls that won’t slide off your shoulders, and scarves that can serve a dual purpose. This is a technique that will inspire you to jump into your “stash” and start creating fun fabric.

Map to Commerce Street

Map to new Guild House and Meeting Location next door