Loom for Sale

For Sale: Type B Macomber floor looms, 10 Harness frame with 48″ weaving space, 4 harnesses, 6 pedals. Loom still being made and up to 6 additional harnesses can be added, currently sells for $3500, (see Macomber website for more specifics).

Original equipment included: plain warp and cloth beams, ratchet brake system, 10 dent reed, boat shuttle, reed hook, adjustable heel rest, 2 leash sticks, 20 inserted eye heddles per inch, tie-up hooks, and instructions as received. Additional boat, rag and stick shuttles/spools, hooks included. Asking $1200.

loom composite

For Sale: Harrisville Design Tabletop Warping Reel, 20 yard capacity, 3 adjustable spreader bars, collapsible. New retails for $325; asking $100.


I have a loom and warping mill to sell together or separately.  The loom is in excellent condition, but I cannot ship or transport it so it will need to be picked up. It can be folded to fit through a doorway and into a van or pick-up truck.

Betty Siber