Our Setting

by | Feb 3, 2015

From Diane:

Since I’m not sure what original artifacts will remain, I am documenting the way the building looks now. The walls are freshly painted in most places but some of the old surfaces remain.

There is an ancient freight elevator with no door!

Surely that won’t remain that way forever. I’m not even certain it works; mostly seems to be used for storage.

Love the the front entrance to the building with old stair line.


Can you believe our red chair and table match the ceiling supports? Meant to be. There’s butcher paper on the floor to protect our pretty new refinished wooden floor.


We have an enormous amount of stuff. It’s all in the new space and mostly distributed where it will be but the boxes will be opened on Wednesday and the shelves will be filled.

Everything but the …


The moving pros were done by 2 pm and Blaine, Tracy and I were relieved. It was worth it to have such excellent help.

We found out who our neighbors at Art Square Studios will be! A florist who does events like weddings. That should be good for drop-in traffic.