Sale News from the Sale Co-Chair

Showing now at a computer near you … all the new postings for all the forms and instructions you will need to join in The Sale this year, “Weaving and Beyond” are on the Member Sale site.

Your completed Entry Form and fee of $30.00 is due on or before August 18th. This is letting us know that you are going to put items in The Sale. Also use the Entry Form if you are willing to volunteer but you are NOT going to have items in The Sale. Mail this form to Clarice Shanks, CHH c/o Upstairs Studio 111 N. 2nd St., LaPorte, TX 77571. Call Clarice with your questions. You may email the form with your volunteer times if you are ONLY volunteering to: [email protected] You may look further in the newsletter for the volunteer position descriptions and the times needed.

Two BIG differences are….

  • Once you send in your Entry Form, you will be assigned an artist number that is required on your Inventory Form. This number is part of the scan code for each of your items….pretty cool huh?! Be sure to look for an email giving you your 4 digit number and include it on the Inventory Form.
  • Your Inventory Form is due by September 12, 2011 and MUST be sent electronically via email to Nadia. Your Inventory Form should be sent when you have completed it, in its entirety. Completed Inventory Forms submitted on or before September 12 will NOT be subject to a processing charge. If you present your inventory or add to your inventory after September 12, CHH will process your item/s with an additional $25.00 processing fee. We request you honor the deadlines and those working for your benefit. Inventory is being electronically processed so we desperately need you to have it completed and emailed by September 12th.

***You must still bring in 2 hardcopies of your Inventory Forms when you bring in your physical items on September 15th. We will keep one and you will have the second one for your records. Check in will proceed as in the past***

We urge you to visit the Sale Rules page, now that it is current, and make sure you are in compliance.

Please call Caryn V. if you have any questions or just need to vent your thrums.

We are super excited as we prepared a new database program to make this process smooth and efficient. Please be sure and print out the instructions and follow them so that we have no broken warps or program glitches.

Any time you see Nadia K. give her a huge hug for all the work she and her husband have devoted to this project. I am confident YOU are ALL going to rock out when you see it operating!! I’ve already played with the Inventory Form and practically jumped out of my chair when I saw how it generated the tags with the barcodes. Hey, I think you might want to get weaving for this sale just so you can be part of this historic event and see how this exciting program works…so get your Entry forms in now and let the fun begin.

Cross your warps and wish us luck! Let us know how we can help you.

Weave on! Caryn V., Sale Co-Chair