Sunday Surfing – September

by | Sep 13, 2015

Hampton Court Tapestry WashFrom Diane:

Video: Bird’s-eye view of a tapestry wash at Hampton Court Palace –

A well written blog about Americans visiting and supporting villagers for more than a decade in Laos and Vietnam.

Trim Making – Victorian Style –

Young Enthusiasm: Teaching Tapestry in Schools –


Jacquard Weaving

From DeeDee:

Two films from the Almgren Silk Weaving Museum on Södermalm in Stockholm.

These links are in Swedish, but both films are so enjoyable. (Youtube)

Jaquard is a film that is poetic to listen to and watch. It features the one and only Jaquard Weaver at the museum –

SFJournalfilm is longer but rather comical with its 1940’s era music. It shows the entire process –


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