Tapestry Study Group – February Meeting

by | Feb 18, 2015

Guest Post from Gerry Woodhouse:
Present were Therese, Blaine, Cathie, Barb B., Paula and Gerry

Therese is going to a  Mary Zickafoose tapestry workshop Mar. 3-7, in Omaha, NE (and the ATA Convention there).

She and her hubby are also taking art classes at the Jewish Center on Braeswood. She says the teacher has been teaching for 19 years and is a very good teacher. The classes are 6 or 8 weeks long and the cost is modest. $80.00 The classes are from 9:30 am till 12:30 once a week and they have homework, as well. They are learning about composition… and learning by doing. This is located outside the 610 on Chimney Rock.

Therese forgot to bring her Goose tapestry, but will try to remember to bring it next time.

Blaine has several pieces in the Glassell show “works on paper” (and he has worked hard helping with the moving of the Guild House). He was installing the black grid shelving when the rest of us arrived at the scene. The space is lovely and spacious. The lighting is good. The floor is the original wooden floor which doesn’t make noise when you walk on it. It’s been refinished, so is clean and pretty natural wood color.

Paula showed some samples she has woven using Rio Grande tapestry wool. They are very nice. She really likes the warp we used in the Larochette workshop, as do the rest of us. It can be ordered from Lone Star Loom Room. And Tracy carries some as a general rule.

Cathie has woven a number of “Weave-it squares” which have a positive/negative look. When you flip them over you see a reverse image. She may attach them together for larger pieces.

We sorted through a large bag of yarns from Kate Weinheimer’s stash. You can see how the new Guild House looks in the photos below.



Next month Therese will report on the Ikat workshop… by Mary Zickafoose.


Mary Zicafoose Tapestries and Prints
View on www.maryzicafoose.com.

SEE YOU NEXT MONTH! We can’t meet Mar. 15 (Round Robin Class is then) or Mar. 22 (board meeting), so we’ll have to try for another day. I’ll see what’s possible and get back to you. Gerry

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