Textile Artist Badge

by | Nov 15, 2017

January 14, 2018
Sunday, 10-4 pm
Guild House.

Crocheting a coaster
Kumihimo a keychain
Knitting a coaster
Felting a coaster
Embroidery on a squareMachine Quilt Piecing
Kool-Aid Dyeing or Indigo Pot
Weaving a bookmark on a cardboard loom
Weaving demonstration on a floor loom
Spinning demonstration on a wheel and using a drop spindle

At the August meeting, I announced that my Girl Scout troop will be working on their Textile Artist Badge at the Guild House – it’s the perfect venue for this kind of a one day class. The troop has 17 members and usually about a dozen attend our various meetings and events. They’ve enthusiastically enjoyed all the craft projects I’ve shared with them over the years.

Several members responded at the August meeting that they were willing to help with the various crafts or skills. I envision it as kind of work stations type of event with the above subjects and example projects. Not everyone will do every thing and not everyone will be interested in each one, or enthusiastic enough to finish each one. So with many stations, we might have two or three girls at each station for 30 minutes. A manageable number, but it means that the station tutor will repeat the steps many times during the day.

I am asking for volunteers – because, darn-it, I can’t find the original list – and because there might be someone who was not at that meeting who would be willing to help. Please respond to me at my email yarngoddess at hotmail dot com (substituting the symbols for the words where necessary). Let me know which of the skills you feel comfortable leading, feel free to name more than one. Also, let me know if you have enough tools or supplies necessary or if you think we need to buy something. For example, we have plenty of yarn (!) and cardboard looms for the bookmark weaving. We have a microwave for the Kool-Aid dyeing but we’d need to buy a supply of Kool-Aid and I have some white wool that I can skein up for the samples. For crocheting, the leader would need to bring three or four hooks appropriate to knitting worsted yarn – say an E, F, or G. If you want to lead the machine sewing session, are you willing to bring a sewing machine (not your top of the line expensive one) and tools needed to ensure success with that?

I have embroidery floss – some from Julie’s stash – and fabric. Our group project would be to join the embroidered squares into a quilt top and tie it for a blanket to donate to the Linus Project. The Quilt Emporium will forward our donation along with others that they collect from other quilters. We’ve worked with them before.

We’re going to invite the regional coordinator for older girls to come to the workshop and try to work out how the guild could offer this workshop as an ongoing project to provide other troops (who may not have a weaver as a troop leader) with the opportunity to earn the Textile Artist badge. The San Jacinto Girl Scout Council is one of the biggest in the nation – they hosted the national GS conference recently. We’re excited to use the Guild House for more community involvement. Girl Scout badge workshops could become a good revenue stream for the Guild.

So, who’s interested and what subject do you want to facilitate? If you have suggestions on how to make this run smoothly – I’m all ears, let me hear your tips.