UPDATE: This just in from Connie!

Hi, I talked to Marita tonight. Tilly will be going back to her apartment on Monday, Sept 5, successfully completing her rehab. At 105 she has now broken both hips. She is ANXIOUS to get home because she has SO MANY THINGS FOR THE SALE. Yay! I will help her get those all into our new and awesome computer system by Sept 12.

I think Tilly would love to hear from all of you. Contact information is with the full story on the Home Page of the Member site. There is absolutely no reason not to go see her if you want. Take a buddy. Take ice cream.

This From Cherilyn H….

Tilly , a long time Contemporary Handweavers of Houston member, fell and broke her hip on August 11th. She spent a few days having surgery in the hospital and was moved to a rehabilitation center mid-August. I’m her friend from Austin (who has come to all the sales shows for the last 10 or so years). I wanted someone to get the word out to your membership as I know people would care and might want to send her a get well card or even visit. Location information will appear on the member side later.

Most of her neighbors are elderly (young compared to Tilly), and may not travel that far. She has no phone in her room. So far, she has had two visitors. Her long time friend Joann and myself (travelling from Georgetown). I have encouraged all my friends who have met her to send her Get Well cards. She is in good spirits, however can not put any weight on her left leg until they know the bone has knitted, so her rehab will be months instead of weeks as it was when at 99 she knocked the socket out of the hip joint on her other leg. Any and all visitors would be welcome. The staff already love her. The place seems very nice (I’ve been in a few with my own mother).

I think I missed the newsletter deadline, but hopefully e-mails or calls to her friends in the group will get the word out. Thank you for any help you can give in this regard.