What year was this?

A scan of a 1989 photo taken at a CHT Conference with the entire CHH delegation in attendance.  Left to right, front row:  Margaret Shepard, Martha Morse, Rosemary Malbin, Tracy Kaestner, Jane Ellis.  Back row:  Elaine Sprague, Deborah McClintock, Janice Jeffcott, Fern Handler, Suzie Roddy, Marion Sullivan, Diane Ferguson, Janie Fitzgerald, Gwen Lanning.

Looking forward to this year’s CHT Conference beginning next Tuesday evening with the opening reception of Textiles of the World at the Sugar Land Art Center and Gallery (104 Industrial Boulevard, Suite Q, Sugar Land, Texas) from 5 to 7 pm.

Thanks to the commenters for identifying two people and the year.


      • Jane and I were wearing the double weave skirts and tops that we did together.We put on a long warp of mixed fibers in one colorway, then each wove off half. Sharon Alderman suggested for our black warp we include a dark color to add more excitement. We used dark nave. We did warps in natural, red, grey, green wool, violet and black.

  1. 1989, we were the incoming board. Tracy as President, DeeDee Secretary, Gwen VP and Diane Newsletter. I think your ?? is Deborah McClintock then a CHH member.

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