1988 Chicago Convergence

by | Jul 20, 2016

Recently I had some old slides scanned and digitized.  I was sorting through old stuff and just pulled out a few that had promise.  Not all of them are stellar photos.  But a few brought back some great memories that I had to share since some of you are packing up to travel to the 2016 Convergence in Milwaukee.


Street Sculpture in Chicago


See the yellow banner with the 88 logo hanging on the street lamp?  The avenue was lined with them!  What a great welcoming sight.  That low building in the center is the Chicago Sun Times building and the sunset is reflected in the windows.  Ferguson-93

I signed up for a bus tour to small ethnic cultural museums around the city.  This was taken at the Swedish museum.  No air conditioning in most of them.  Ferguson-45

This was one of the slides that turned out well, I can’t tell what media – maybe felting?  Entitled The Seed and The Land by Taylor.  I had even written on the slides.  Such organization was not always present in my photo archives.


Another entry in a show that appealed to me.  Unusual Animals by S. Brownlee-Randall.

Ferguson-50The best surprise of all was finding a photo of Sandy and Betty VandeBerg at the 1988 Convergence.

Hope y’all take lots of photos at Convergence and send them back for us to enjoy.