Spring Cleaning

Rug CleaningIt’s Spring and time to take your rugs down to the river and clean them. Well, that is what is happening in the picture. How about cleaning your books instead? Yes, books need cleaning. Dust covers and binders repaired.

While you are dusting the books and re-arranging them, check to see if you have misplaced books from the C.H.H. Library. The Library is a wonderful resource for all kinds of books and is open at Upstairs Studio for you to borrow or just sit and read and maybe just browse.

But books are sometimes checked out and then misplaced in our own libraries. So please set aside some time to care for your books and see if just maybe you have one of the Guild’s books. Don’t be a George Washington and have a missing book out for 224 years. Can you believe that?

The above picture is from Clarice’s trip to Turkey in 2005 and was not a scheduled stop of the tour. Thanks to Clarice for the photo and the great reminder about our books.