Alpaca Show at Livestock Show and Rodeo

by | Jan 22, 2018

Rancho Inca Alpacas will be showing their animals and hosting a demonstration area at the horse barn at the Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Bill and Mario would love to have some spinners and weavers.  You can even pet their beautiful creatures. The Alpaca Show is the last weekend of the show on March 16, 17 and 18. They exhibit in the horse barn is a more intimate venue with smaller crowds than we used to get at Agventure.  You can take a tram to the AGventure space for lunch or breaks.  You could set up on Friday morning about 8:30 but you might be able to do that Thursday night. The show is all day Friday and Saturday (9 to about 5) and until about 1 PM on Sunday. Entry is through Gate 5 off the 610 feeder. Parking is close to the building so no remote train or bus ride. Mario and Bill can get you passes if you let them know you will be there.   They would like to have a spinner and weaver. Marion will get a display together, including table covers, in a big box so only set-up would be necessary. Coordinate with Marion on who will be taking the box to the venue. You are responsible to bring your own wheel or loom and other materials you might need for a demonstration.  This kind of outreach is great for the guild – so many people don’t know about us!

Rancho Inca Alpaca’s email is