Andean Textile Talks

by | Jun 10, 2021

With brilliant images, contextual photos and actual examples of contemporary knitted caps, Cynthia LeCount shows that, contrary to expectations, knitters in the Andes continue to produce amazing headgear and woven textiles for their own use. Their intricate and innovative work today surprises viewers by going beyond typical colors and motifs, while remaining true to traditional techniques and form.  Using bright synthetic yarns, size 0 metal needles, and three colors in a row, young men looking to impress the girls often knit the most striking motifs. Rapacious multi-colored monsters and brightly striped dancing devils balance on proud, tipsy heads at Carnival in Bolivia! Join Cynthia for a whirlwind tour of the latest fancy, festival knitting from the Andean highlands.

Registration opens July 12 here.

Guest Speaker: Cynthia LeCount

Cynthia LeCount is a textile expert with an MA in art history from UC Davis, California. She has been guest curator for museum exhibitions of Andean knitting and Carnival costume, and taught world textiles for many years in the Design Department at UC Davis. Twenty-five years ago, she began Behind the Scenes Adventures, organizing textile tours to far-flung parts of the world to share her love of knitting, weaving, and festivals. She still accompanies all the tours, and especially loves the textiles of Uzbekistan, Bhutan, and Laos. See her website for more info.

Chullos from Tarabuco, Bolivia.