Cat Toy Sweatshop

by | May 14, 2014

Say goodbye to the fabric and join the Cat Toy Sweat shop.

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It’s getting close to that time – Cat Toy Sweat Shop – and if you missed it last year, there will be at least three opportunities to attend one this summer. At the sale last year we sold over 100 cat toys and made $1000.00 for the guild. This year, even though we didn’t go to the rodeo and weave fabric, we stayed at the Guild House and turned out quite a bit of fabric just for making those cat toys.

Sessions will be held in June and July, with the first date set for Tuesday, June 10, 10-4. If you think you would like to help in the assembly process, just send Blaine an e-mail and he will put you on the list. He will also be sending around a sheet at the May 15 meeting. If you have a preference, I’d also like to know what day of the week would work best for you for scheduling more sessions.

Last year we worked from 10:00 till around 3:00, but you can come and go at any time.

Our goal is once again to make at least 100 of the things, and all the money goes to the guild – plus there are a lot of happy cats out there.

Contact Blaine.