Louet Magic 70 for Sale

August 7, 2020 web_weaver 0

Louet Magic 70 Loom and 24 Shaft Electric Interface swinging beater and standing beater 2nd warp beam and 2 sets lease sticks 1. ss 10 dent reed 2 user manuals.  Warping sticks 500 extra heddles […]


Spinning Wheel for Sale

April 19, 2020 web_weaver 0

Peacock Spinning Wheel $400 For sale is a Peacock upright wheel made in New Zealand in the early 1980’s by Mr. Fomotor.  It is made of New Zealand Rimu wood.  This wheel has all its […]


Cranbrook for Sale

September 18, 2019 web_weaver 0

60” 4-shaft 6 treadle Cranbrook countermarche loom made by Norwood. Standard features of the Cranbrook looms made by Norwood: Powder-coated tubular steel front and rear beams that give the loom added rigidity while affording better […]


Rug Loom for Sale

September 5, 2019 web_weaver 0

 45” 8H with ½”shaft switching device, sectional beam, warp extender, 12 treadles, attached bench,  Texsolv heddles.  Mint condition (2 rugs woven).  Includes extra reed, one 21” ski shuttle, two 21” rag shuttles, large electric ball […]


Norwegian Loom for Sale

August 24, 2019 web_weaver 3

I am from Norway and brought a loom with me when I moved here. It is a Scandinavian loom called “Monica Vev”. It has been in storage ever since I arrived in 1986, so certainly […]

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