Oxaback Loom for Sale

May 20, 2022 web_weaver 0

Oxaback Lilla – 8 shaft 80cm weaving width with 10 treadles This Lilla was purchased new late 2020.   She’s a very unique loom.   She comes with everything it originally came with, except the bench.  Note: […]


Louet Jane 70 For Sale

March 30, 2022 web_weaver 0

Purchased in fall 2017 to use for workshops.  Now I need to downsize a bit and am letting her go.  This model is 70 cm / 27.5″ wide and has 8 shafts.  The loom comes […]


Spinning Wheels for Sale

March 15, 2022 web_weaver 0

I am Jay Sigel and I live in Pearland. I’m a retired ER physician who has done woodworking for over 40 years. My hobby is building quality early American furniture including spinning wheels. (I have […]


Purrington Loom for Sale

November 3, 2021 web_weaver 0

Glimakra Adjustable Weaving Bench  $150. Solid maple, 39” width, height adjustable from 19 – 27.5”. Lightweight & easy to adjust height quickly. Great condition with a few minor scuffs on finish. (new $290).     […]


Ashford Traveler Wheel for Sale

May 16, 2021 web_weaver 0

Ashford Traveler Spinning Wheel for Sale Ashford spinning wheel, well-loved for many years but in good shape.   This is single-drive and single-treadle.  The Traveler is a compact wheel that is easy to transport in a […]