Crimp and Create – Dianne Totten

by | Jan 29, 2015

Crimp and Create Workshop with Dianne Totten, January 16th—18th

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CHH hosted a workshop on creating cloth that holds its shibori shape permanently. 15 of us gathered at Art Square Studio to learn the shibori on the loom technique. We had four out of town attendees, Rebecca and Cynthia from the Dallas area, Karen from New Orleans and Rene from the Woodlands. Most of the looms were dressed for weft shibori and a few set up warp shibori. As Dianne explained, the technique is easier to do it than explain. After instructions on the process, everyone started weaving away. As soon as the first samples were cut off the loom, they went into a steam bath to set the crimp. The magic is when you cut the resist threads loose and the cloth reveals the permanent patterns created by the pattern threads. Dianne presented many options for variation via drafts, samples and previous students work. Dianne also walked us through the process of assembling the garments. Teaching us her measurement formulas, how to put in facing, twill tape, hemming. All who participated went away eager to make a handwoven cloth that is easy to care for, easy to wear on all body types, and packs like the best Fortuny money can buy! Thanks to Dianne for teaching us your techniques! I predict the weavers in the workshop will be sewing up garments that, as Dianne says “kiss the body”! For more photographs from the workshop go to Dianne Totten’s Facebook page. Be sure to check out her album on the CHH workshop.