Do you follow weaving blogs?

You will probably not be surprised to learn that I follow some of them. One that I have been enjoying lately is Talking About Weaving by Peg in South Carolina. She does a couple of things in her blog that I like. 1) She posts often about her current project and 2) she frequently includes links to specific posts on other weaving blogs (such as her post for September 23).

Weaving RSS Feeds
I’m a Yahoo user so I’ve used the My Yahoo page as a newsreader for all the websites and blogs that I track. I’ve separated the weaving blogs onto their own page and used the image and headlines format. (Click the image to the left to see a larger screen print of my Weaving RSS Feeds page on My Yahoo. Remember this is a screen print and links won’t work.) This allows me to track the blogs at a glance and to click on whatever interests me. Let me know what weaving and related blogs that you follow and I will add them to our links list. For more information about how you can use RSS Feeds, check out my RSS Explained page.