Echo and Jin Workshop – now full

by | Jan 12, 2021


Online zoom workshop; Teacher : Denise Kovnat
Dates: April 16, 17, 18 2021
Weave structure :  Echo and Jin: Variations on a Theme.

Fees: $125.00 total for 3 days.
Minimum: 12 participants and maximum: 15. (5 openings remain!). Will maintain a wait list.
Last date for cancellation with a full refund if paid : February 15th 2021.
Cancellation after 15th Feb 2021 if paid: $ 65.00

Description: Working with a variety of yarns, tie-ups, treadlings and setts, you’ll weave a series of designs in Echo and Jin (Turned Taqueté). You’ll explore color, using two to four colors in the warp and a variety of colors in the weft. And you’ll explore design, trying different treadlings, tie ups and setts. For instance, by inserting tabby in your treadling, you’ll weave Jin, which allows for additional designs and color combinations. Additionally, some designs have options for double weave patterns. This workshop is for intermediate weavers and beyond, for looms with 4 to 16 shafts (with the possibility of 24-shaft designs upon request). With drafts and warping instructions provided beforehand, you will begin the workshop with your loom dressed in a two or four-color warp using an extended parallel threading.

More info from Denise: 3 one-hour Zoom sessions per day over the course of three days. (That is, a lecture from 9-10 am, from 1-2 pm and from 4-5 pm, with people weaving on their own in between those sessions and able to contact me by phone or text.) All handouts and drafts and resource materials are available on a dedicated and secure Google Drive file. Everyone has their own folder where I encourage them to upload photos of their samples for group discussion. This is a valuable part of the workshop. Also, I need a working list of participants 6 weeks beforehand so that they can choose their drafts, procure their yarns and dress their looms.

Please send checks (to CHH) for $125.00 and mention Denise workshop on the check to Din’s address given below.  Now only accepting names for the waiting list.

Dinakar Iyer
8106 Concho street
Houston TX 77036