Exciting Plans from 2010 Sale Committee

Mark your calendars! This year the Sale is scheduled for Thursday, September 9th through Saturday, September 11th at HCCC. (Skip to the Full Sale Article from Kaye).We are delighted they had a slot for us, as it has proven to be an excellent venue for the event. However rental of the space is nearly twice what it was last year; therefore the Sale Registry Fee was modestly increased to $30 at the recent CHH Board Meeting. That only covers 1/3 of the rental rate increase based on 40 entrants, so we still need a very successful sale to cover expenses and at least break even.

Now for the good news. Last year we embarked on a journey to automate the inventory tracking, invoicing and reporting side of the sale. We had some bumps, but overall, it was a success. A core group of volunteers working that side of the sale got together to discuss the bumps, the lessons learned and brainstorm about improvements for this year. Dewayne Cushman and Nadia Khan were a part of that group and volunteered their expertise.

The results of nearly of year of work by Dewayne Cushman is about to be unveiled in mid-July. He designed a website (and far more) for our sale!

This website has terrific features for our sales participants including using its own server, will allow participants to upload their inventory information to the website, will provide access to inventory for sale participants, and will gather all sale information in one place. The Sale committee has gone all out to provide a streamlined sale experience. There is much more in this Sale Article from Kaye (pdf file). That article is on the member side of the website. If you cannot get into it, email the webweaver. The Sale Website will go LIVE on July 15 and the Sale Committee and the Webweaver will alert you when that happens.