Fiber Study Group

by | Feb 5, 2018



March 14, 2018.
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Register by March 5th.

Supply fee: $8.00 payable upon registration.
Maximum class size 12 participants.
All CHH members welcome.

Come Play! Come Create! Come Be Surprised!

Discharging fabric is simply taking out the dye that is already there. You can do it in a huge variety of ways to create a multitude of patterns and never really know what you’ll get until you’re done. The surprises are beautiful! You’ll love it. It’s very addicting and very fun! COME JOIN ME March 14th !

I will provide you with the majority of the materials you will need, particularly the chemicals. Think now about what type of fabrics you’d like to work with. 100% Silk, cotton, linen, and natural rayon give you a huge choice to draw from. Remember that dark colors will give you the best results. Don’t just think “black & solid though. Think navy, brown, olive, burgundy, stripes, flowers etc. Already pattered fabric can produce very interesting surprising results so experiment! Workshops are the place to do that. Because of our somewhat limited time and space I’m going to suggest you think about using fat quarters or ½ yd. pieces of fabric, either hand dyed or store bought. Bring a dozen or so different pieces so you can experiment.

I’ll have a more extensive supply list for you once you sign up. Sign up early too as I will give you some preparation instructions that you’ll want to complete to get the most out of the workshop.  Hope to see you there.