From Grandmother’s Attic

March 17, 2011 – Join Charlene Kolb in sharing heirloom textiles from the past. Charlene has a lovely collection of pieces from her Grandmothers trousseau. What – you say – is a trousseau? In days long ago, in preparation for setting up a household a woman would start a collection of things for her trousseau. One definition is: the personal possessions of a bride; usually including clothes, accessories, undergarments and sleepwear, as well as household linens. Do you have a special piece of cloth that you would like to share? Please contact Charlene or DeeDee in advance so we may put you on the schedule. This will also give us an idea of how many people will need time to share the story of their special textile. This program may inspire those who are signed up for the swatch swap this year. The topic is “Heirloom Cloth”.