From Nancy Warren

Dear Friends,

I share with very mixed emotions that I am leaving Houston in mid-June for Charleston South Carolina. My husband and I both received incomparable offers our email two weeks ago. On July 1, I will become an Associate Professor in Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston (MUSC) with the major responsibility of teaching psychiatry residents in the outpatient clinic. Bob will become the CMIO at MUSC in Charleston, and a Professor of Pediatrics, within the Pediatric Rheumatology section there. Charleston will take us back to our “roots” and very close to family in Georgia, Virginia and Florida. There is a small weavers guild in Charleston, I am looking forward to making a connection with those folks. We WILL have a lovely guest bedroom and I am also planning to host weaving friends who want to come see coastal South Carolina, or who would be willing to come and teach the new group!

Bob and I have been in Houston for more than 22 years. Exceptional people and opportunities at work have held us here for far longer than we’d ever imagined when we first arrived here in Houston. You are my dear friends. I’ve been very honored and fortunate to have been a part of such an extraordinary weavers guild. Contemporary Handweavers of Houston is indeed “famous” in the weaving community!

I will need someone to replace me as coordinator of the Swatch Swap. I will also have to withdraw from the swap myself, since I feel certain that my swatches will not be ready since they are not even started! Someone, please, step forward so I don’t have to leave the notebooks “homeless”.

I shall do my very best in the remaining time that I’m here to ease transitions.

Warmest regards,

Nancy Warren