GALLERY NEWS – March 2016

by | Feb 26, 2016

From Pat Powell:

The Gallery is looking for Trunk Show participants and Make-and-Take leaders (and ideas).

March Gallery

For the Trunk Shows, there will be a table set up specifically for the participants work. The show will last for 3 hours during which time the participant will interact with visitors, discussing their work and, hopefully, selling some of it. Participants do not have to have any inventory currently in the Gallery. The participant’s return on sales, for that day, will be 85% rather than 75%. Trunk Show guidelines the same as the annual show and gallery. Please check the details on the website under the Gallery/Shop menu tab.

Make-and-Take activities will take place the same time as the Trunk Show. The activities should be simple, require minimal materials and no special equipment. These activities are intended for our members as well as for those with little or no fiber experience. The activities are to let everyone have a bit of fun, maybe learn a little something, and generate an interest in our group and what it does.

Currently these events are scheduled for March 19th, April 9th, and May 21st. March and May are after our monthly meeting. April is on the second rather than the third Saturday. I am also trying to coordinate these dates with some of the studios next door. If they have open houses on the same days, it will bring more people into our area and more people will learn about what we do. This would be a win-win for everyone.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in these events or have any questions.

Thank you
Pat Powell

P.S. UPDATE: More items needed for the Gallery. I’ll be at the Guild House on Tuesday, March 1st, from 1- 4. Drop me a note to let me know you’re coming.