Off the Shelf – March 2016

by | Feb 28, 2016

From DeeDee Woodbury:

imageOn Saturday at the February Guild Meeting, we learned what’s in our library at Guild House

I brought out a few of the early sample books, and it was discussed how these items need to archived. Same with the early scrapbooks. I will bring this to the board members.

I showed off our brand new books, our cookbook and a few other specialty items.

We talked about how Library Thing works. Next month I will print a short tutorial for those who are interested in Library Thing.

Now I want to say a word about what’s NOT in the library. What is not there are those books that you’ve had checked out for more than two months. The loan period is 1-2 months, not years. Please look around your work space, bedside table and the back seat of the car and bring them back.

I am requesting that you return these things by the March meeting.

Dee Dee Woodbury