Gerry Woodhouse wins HGA Award at Small Expressions 2013

Gerry Woodhouse
Gerry Woodhouse
The HGA Board of Directors, HGA Exhibits Committee, and HGA Staff announced the Small Expressions 2013 award recipients today.

  • First Place: Tori Kleinert, Turners Station, Kentucky, Ceremonial Semblance: It’s in the Cloth
  • Second Place: Noriko Tomita, Tokyo, Japan, Twistingle
  • Third Place: Vladimira Fillion Wackenreuther, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, Baby Snake
  • Honorable Mention: Saberah Malik, Warwick, Rhode Island, Backyard Yield
  • HGA Award: Geraldine Woodhouse, Katy, Texas, Big Bend Post Office

See photos of all the winning entries on the HGA Small Expressions page.

The works will be in exhibition later this summer at the Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, Illinois.


  1. I am so honored! I’ve wanted to be in a Small Expressions exhibit for years. It’s nice to receive recognition for my work, and realize that perhaps my current track is a good one to continue. I have enjoyed designing multi shaft designs as well as tapestry designs, then began putting them together, with summer and winter figures as a background for inlaid tapestry. Several attempts just didn’t work very well. But, adjusting yarn sizes to smaller diameter, images began to show as subliminal suggestions of native plants and animals below a building or shape of the state of Texas. It’s fun! Gerry

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