Getting to know you …

by | Nov 30, 2017

January 1st of each year, the Nominating Committee begins the talent search. Susan will select two members from the board and two members from at-large to serve on my committee and then I, as Past President, lead the committee in dialing for officers.  Once the slate is set, the list is printed in the March newsletter and members present at the April meeting vote.  Nominations can be taken from the floor at that time if the person wants to be nominated or volunteers.

With everyone uploading their photos to their online member profile, it will be much easier to put faces to names.   You have uploaded your photo, haven’t you?  Don’t forget the drawing for a free membership if your face appears in your profile on the website before December 31, 2017.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the call to serve!  You can volunteer for the job you want.  Check out the officer job descriptions and think it over.  Maybe you’re not ready to take charge of a big position  just yet, but you’re interested in learning the ropes (an old fiber cliché).  You can volunteer to be an apprentice – become an assistant and take on the responsibility slowly.  The Membership position is a big function, for example, and has been a two-person job for many years.  D’Anne is looking for an assistant even as I type.  Vice President can be considered apprentice for President and Past President.  Each of these have special and distinct but somewhat overlapping duties.

Another point I’d like to make is that we have a lot of talent in our group.  A LOT.  Please step forward once in a while and blow your own horn – tell us what you like to do that is fiber related and maybe we can build a program or workshop or a class around that.  The Guild works better when everyone contributes more than just by paying dues.  You don’t have to be the one who stands up in front – I know that makes some people nervous – you can be the one who helps the librarian input new books and returns the borrowed ones to the shelf or the one who helps Tracy with the Guild House Newsletter (which is different and shorter and less frequent from the Newsletter Theresa sends out).  But that experience could be a stepping stone to learning what Theresa and moving into that position some day.  Take a look at the list of Board members and realize that a lot of them have been doing their jobs for years, nay, decades and someday one or two of them may want the opportunity to retire.

Click here to read the job descriptions for CHH officers.

Members who are signed in may see the names of current officers under the Members drop down menu on the black navigation bar.