Happy 60th Birthday CHH

November 9th is our official birthday. The party is Thursday, November 19th, 2009 in lieu of our regular meeting at Bayou Manor. Our program chair, DeeDee Woodbury has planned a doozie of a party for us. There will be great prizes, yummy food, a gift for all and loads of fun reminiscing – don’t miss this BIG event for CHH!

In order to be eligible for the door prize drawings you will be asked to fill in a ticket that will include the your name, the year you joined the guild and your favorite memory of CHH (it can be anything – person, event, story, etc) After the door prize drawings these little cards will go into the scrapbook.

Note on November Refreshments: November is our 60th Anniversary and the guild will be providing cake, Champagne and snacks. We do not need anyone to bring goodies for this month.