Hurricane Harvey Thank You’s

by | Feb 19, 2018

Thank you to everyone who donated money to help us recover from damage incurred from Hurricane Harvey.

Luckily, none of looms or other equipment was damaged, but our library took a hit. We lost a number of shelving units and quite a few books, especially ones we’d just bought that were on our new book display, and our insurance didn’t cover any of our damages.

The Springfield, Massachusetts guild kindly donated money to us, which took them three tries to get delivered. We took this photo at our February meeting to send them a special thanks.

We also want to thank Linda Marie H., of Fortville, Indiana who sent us a personal check with a nice donation.

Also thanks to all our members who pitched in to help clean up the mess and donated money too.

The library is back to normal, with a lot of items already replaced.

Thanks again!