Jennifer Moore Workshops Details

Workshop Information

January will be here before we “blink”; let’s try to get all the deposits in before December! If you have any questions about either workshop, please contact Charlene K.


In this round robin workshop participants will explore what can de done with multiple layers of cloth on a multi-shaft loom. We will weave samples and study the theory behind a variety of structures including 4 layer weaves, double-width twill cloth, multi-layer color blending, doubleweave checkerboards and windows, and doubleweave twill and block pick up.

Level: Intermediate
Students will need an 8 shaft loom , there will also be two drafts for a 4 shaft loom. If we have 10 people there will be 8 -8 shaft looms and 2 – Four shafts.

  • When: January 16, 17, 18 (Friday through Sunday)
  • Where: Williamsburg Settlement, Katy, Tx.
  • Cost: $200. (Deposit $100)
  • Materials Fee: $12.00
  • Two workshop discount! Take both workshops for $300, a $40 savings! (Deposit $150)


Continue the fun of exploring ideas in sacred geometry, symmetry patters and tessellating shapes, both geometric and Escher-esque. We will also have an introduction to designing fractals in both two and three dimensions, and a few other surprises.
No math skills required!

This workshop is open to both students who attended the first workshop and those who are new.

Level all

  • When: January 19 and 20 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Where: Lone Star Loom Room. Katy, Tx
  • Cost: $140 (deposit $70)
  • Material Fee: $15.00
  • Two workshop discount! Take both workshops for $300, a $40 savings! (Deposit $150)

Charlene is taking deposits and reservations for both workshops. To reserve a spot in one or both of the workshops, please send a deposit check made out to CHH Workshops to Charlene.