Loem Yan receives CHH Kiva Loan

Loem Yan

Blaine sends us this information:

One of the things we’d talked about doing as a group was making a microloan to someone in a fibre related enterprise.

CHH just loaned $325.00 to Loem Yan of Cambodia, here is some information about her through Kiva Loans:

Loem Yan

Loem Yan
Loem Yan
  • About the Entrepreneur Name: Loem Yan
  • Location: Phnom Penh City, Cambodia
  • Activity: Weaving
  • Loan Use: To buy more looms which she will use to increase her productivities
    Repayment Term: 12 months

Loem Yan, 49, was married and lived in the best territory of Phnom Penh, where she was birth. To earn a living, she braids and sells silk skirt in bulk to buyers who continue bring it to sells in retain at the market. She has been a weaving investment since 1990 and is able to generate $2 per day. Her husband is a farmer and also a building worker. Loem Yan has given birth to ten children, half of them are married and others are single. Two among of her daughters assist her in making silk. To enlarge more business successful, Loem Yan is looking for a US$400 loan to buy more looms which she will use to increase her productivities.