March Meeting on Beading

From the Program Chair: DeeDee Woodbury

I would like to thank Nancy Jones and Pat Powell for providing a fun hands-on program for CHH in March. We learned all about seed beads and the different ways to use them.

Seed Beads

Pat made some cool little bead weaving looms out of tongue depressors. Those who were interested were able to try it. This is Gina creating a small work of art.

Bead Loom

And last but not least I want to thank Peanut, who is the name sake and shop manager of Tiny Dog Beads. He added quite the entertainment factor to an already really fun program. Pat mentioned to me that the Bead Society hosts a hands on meeting on the third Saturday of the month in the morning, right at Bayou Manor. If you want to learn more, contact Pat Powell.